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Below, you'll see the most popular type of alters. If you have a request, email me so we can discuss it and I can give you an invoice. 
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One Altered Art - Simple

vign3_430896_309856572406014_154252447966428_870166_155951866_n_all vign3_lord2_all vign3_208746_166209566770716_154252447966428_393018_2029946_n_all vign3_224183_171875276204145_154252447966428_427117_8343802_n_all vign3_384116_249418828449789_154252447966428_717598_1315117864_n_all
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Simple altered art (like changing the background or adding a detail (ex. Tarmogoyf, Venser the Sejourner)

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